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Thread: Peace Over Perfection

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    Peace Over Perfection

    Practice makes perfect so what am I doing? Maybe consuming myself in a thought of being better.
    I've been trying to deliver an act that will appeal to the public eye, but now I think it's time for me to defy the script that's been given to me.
    Who am I to be... I guess that's an answer I have to see through.
    Everybody's got answers but how would you solve them if you were in my shoes?
    I got the blues, but that's not the only color I'm dealing with in this thing called life.
    Cut by words rather than a knife so my emotions spill out with more colors than a rainbow.
    So I'd love to paint a picture of it all for you if time ever permits me to.
    Start from the ground up and in the end I'll finish with the sky.
    My forecast of it all it still a little unclear, but I feel the time is near that I will figure it all out.
    Up and about in the travels of life getting lost in my thoughts but they're beautiful detours.
    So after the wars and conflicts, I guess I can relax in my mind.
    And when I finally get to rest, I'll enjoy the peace that I find.

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    If there's peace.. then perfection can be attained.

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