Hair bleaching is carried out using solutions and creams, which include hydrogen peroxide. For clarification and bleaching of hair using hydrogen peroxide of various concentrations. The concentration of the solution depends on the desired color and structure of the hair. For thin, porous hair, the concentration of peroxide is lowered, and for strong and thick hair it is increased. For lightening thick hair: 8-12% hydrogen peroxide solution, for medium-thick hair: 6-12% solution, for thin hair: 3-6%. You can always bring the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution to the one you need. To obtain a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution: nine parts of water are added to one part of perhydrol. For a 6 percent solution: for two parts of perhydrol — eight parts of water, a 9 percent solution: to three parts of perhydrol, add seven parts of water, a 12 percent solution; four parts of perhydrol - six parts of water.