It is strictly forbidden to use moisturizers that cause peeling and irritation at this time of the year, it is better to replace them with fatty analogues, which will play the role of “insulation”. Also in winter, it is better to refuse to cleanse the skin with lotions and foams. Of course, they are useful in spring and summer, but in winter they are perfectly replaced by wiping the face with olive or apricot oil. A huge minus is the rejection of powder. The powder box should always be near you, because it is the most reliable protector against severe frosts. It is recommended to apply dry powder on a face soaked in oily cream. Particular attention should be paid to the lips. It is difficult to imagine a person who has never felt in his life that his lips have become chapped and dehydrated. To maintain them in great shape, you must use hygienic lipstick, and lubricate with apricot oil rich in vitamins at night. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Just buy an apricot or chamomile lip balm. In general, winter is a time of active application of various folk methods of personal care.