“I want you” - many believe that a direct statement of their desires is a sign of ingenuity and helplessness. You still have time to poole when you ask for an increase in salary. And now speak in direct and clear text. Friend's wife It is known that most want what is strictly prohibited. Therefore, it will not be surprising if you once catch yourself thinking that there is no more elegant, intelligent, beautiful and exciting woman in the world than the one who managed to lash out your friend. But courting a friend's wife is one of the most ungrateful ways to add thrills to life. There are after all other extreme entertainment: riding whale sharks, jumping on motorcycles through mountainous abysses, cutting traffic police cars on the autobahn - it is better to choose one of them. Here, at least, there is a chance that everything will end well and, most importantly, quickly. And turning your own life into the next Santa Barbara series is a thankless job. Positive aspect. Having survived a similar shake-up, some writers managed to concoct a completely readable literary work from it. For example, "Eugene Onegin". Very rich woman Louis Vuitton handbag, perfume from Chanel, brooch from Cartier. In short, beautiful. It is not difficult to fall in love with a rich woman - especially since she has enough money for a tanning salon, a cosmetologist, and a plastic surgery clinic. Much more difficult to achieve its reciprocity. Trying to conform to her lifestyle, going with her to the restaurants of her class, dressing like “they have” made, and buying cars of the required brand, you will squander everything you have, and you will acquire very little. Read the gossip page - there are so many stories about how rich and famous women marry rich and famous people, but for some reason there is not a word about how these same women connect fate with those who have no money or very little few. Because a rich woman always knows what she wants.