My fitness house. You guys can see that. Try not to obsess over macros and the numbers. It's really easy to do that which we make fun of. It's really easy to start obsessing over those numbers. I've done it. I know a lot of people do it and it can kind of just be it can kind of overwhelm your life because and then just don't let it then this is what happens is you obsess over those numbers and if you mess up or if you go over a little bit then you get a case of the Phuket and you go. You say Phuket and you go eat everything because you're like oh Phuket area whatever my number my carbs for today so I'm just gonna go eat everything because it doesn't matter now I've done it. I do it. I used to do it all the time. I'm getting better. But honestly that's not the way to go you're just sabotaging yourself and you're just going to ruin your roles that way. So you know what. If you go 10 20 over on your carbs one day that's OK. It's better Keto Ultra than going 100 over in your carbs with a case of the fun. It's not amazing. Aside from your proteins carbs and fats make sure you're eating your fiber cool. Like I said if you're in prep be a little more strict. You probably want to eat your sugar goals. You would probably want your sugars to be under 20. You would want to meet your sodium goal you'd want to meet your saturated fat goal. All those would probably matter a little more. But if you're just you know if you're just training for life then you really just make sure you are meeting your favorite goal to make sure you're getting in all. You know you're so everything's moving so basically you just want to worry about your carbs proteins fats and make sure you're hitting that fiber goal. I wouldn't stress I'm not stressing anymore over my sugars and my saturated fats or anything like that. I would however watch your sugar intake to some degree. I mean just for your general health as well. They say that you should stay under 50 grams of sugar a day just for your general health. So I would definitely I personally try and stay under 50 grams of sugar. I used to do under like 20 to 15 grams of sugar and I'm not doing that anymore but I do try and stay under 50 just because I want to be healthy. OK. So how to track when you're eating out basically unless you have a scale .