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Thread: The Hubris

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    Watching as Thadar was losing consciousness she ordered one of the guards to get the doctor. As the guard ran off Zella stepped forward, no longer afraid of the dragon, but hestiant, " going to explain to me RIGHT NOW what is going on, and WHY you" she pointed at the people attacking them, "Are attacking my people."

    "You are on my side, right?" she asked the dragon.

    "Yes, Princess. I am yours as you are mine, as it has always been; as it will always be.", the dragon responded.

    "What does that even mean? This is the first time I even knew you existed...why did you not show yourself sooner?", it was hard to stop her face from showing confusion, as she stared at the people waiting for an answer for their attack.

    "You did not need me until today."

    More riddles. Shaking her head she looked back at the attackers, as the guards slowly started to gather around them, though a few still threw glances at the dragon above, "Well?"

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    You're the what?
    "The Pale. What has protected your land for centuries."
    I honestly expected you a little more.....jewly.
    "You mean like this?" The figure's hand disentegrated and formed into a familiar looking jem. "That is my physical form that I must use when I'm in your world. Here, however, I can take any form I wish." To prove this, it turned into a dragon, werewolf, snake, angel, and thundercloud...all within a second. "I choose this one, as it would make the most sense to you," it said upon returning to the faceless human.
    What do you want with me?
    "To show you what you must prevent."
    I don't understand.
    "You will." At that, the entire body dissolved into glow sparks that flew at Thadar. If this was a spirit world would he still feel them? The question was answered as the first of them entered his body. Pain unlike anything he had ever known coursed through his body.

    The doctor, with the help of Garath, had just gotten Thadar picked up off the ground and inside. They laid him in a cot in the apothecarion where a second doctor waited to assist. They had hardly begun to work on him when Thadar spasmed violently.
    "What in the-"
    "Hold him! Hold him!"
    Garath dashed to the door to grab some other guards to help hold Thadar down. "Neeko! Princess!" Thadar continued to thrash around, even though he was quickly pinned down. The palace doctor reached up and lifted one of Thadar's eyelids open. He saw two things there; both were familiar.
    The first was the unusual way the blood vessels looked in the eye. This was normally a sign of a concussion.
    The second had him worried. "There's no way I can describe what it looked like," the doctor would tell his colleagues at dinner that night. But he couldn't look away from it. He had seen it many times and knew there was little he could do about it. The doctor stood there and stared into the eyes of an insane man.

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    Neeko was overwhelmed with all the occurrences of the day. The Pale failing, a harpy, a dragon, the man with the blue eyes, the flood of memories of his brother, Thadar lying unconscious. . The memory of his brother that he pushed down for so long flooded to the surface the moment he met the eyes of the strange man. Neeko was only 17 at the time and his brother was 15. “Take care of you brother” his father had told Neeko. They were off to hunt that day and were excited to have a free day. They had ventured far that day, almost to the end of the Pale. They normally did not travel that far but they were following strange tracks that they had not seen before. When he thought about it now, it was as if they were leading them.

    Most of Neeko’s memories were muddled, but he remembers someone appearing as if merging from the Pale itself. The eyes were electric. He heard his brother scream and someone from behind knocked Neeko in the head. He saw stars and as the blackness started to take him the only word he caught was the word “Aellyn”. When Neeko awoke, his brother lay lifeless.

    A flush of sorrow started to overtake Neeko and he came out of his deep memory holding back the tears. He saw the doctor working on Thadar’s unconscious body. Neeko made a silent prayer that he would be ok.

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