As the Shaman beats his drum
I see my Guide and my Light.
She more than an Angel,
She’s warmth on Winter’s night.

As the Trees rush past me,
Snow dust comes down,
Feathers from Fairy Owls,
Lift me above the ground.

Hot in my hands,
The Crystals structure teaching,
My Mind opens my Eyes,
Sending my Soul reaching.

Pulled from my Body,
I’m falling through the ground,
Past Spirits and my past my Past,
Ears ringing with the sound.

Somehow, I know it’s Right,
These beautiful images I see,
My eyes now know the Light,
And my Heart what Will Be.

As the Shaman beats his Drum,
I bring myself back Up.
Back up the Portal, remember you’re Immortal
Thank your Guide and Wolf Pup.