• Featured Novel: Michael Hawk Adventures: Curse of the Last Moondragon

    Michael Hawk Adventures: Curse of the Last Moondragon is a YA Fantasy adventure written by Robert Clark Selby. The author is planning to write six sequels for his new series. Check out this interview with Selby:

    Fantascize.com: What's your novel about?

    Selby: My story is about a 12-year-old boy, Michael Hawk, who is running from mysterious henchmen determined to capture him at any cost. When a magical circus transported by airships crashes onto the plains of South Dakota, Michael unexpectedly becomes a hero when he saves the downed circus from an escaped and ferocious creature.
    Hailed as a hero and then cast out as a traitor, Michael begins a quest to prove his honor and save the circus owner, Lotus Moondragon, from an insidious curse and an ancient witch named Grimcoven bent on revenge.

    Robert Clark Selby Interview

    Author: Robert Clark Selby

    Fantascize.com: What inspired you to write this novel?

    Selby: The initial inspiration for this book came from the John Wayne film Hatari actually. Hatari is a comedy adventure about people who capture animals in Africa for zoos. I thought it would be cool to have a story about people who capture mythical creatures for a magical circus. Of course the story I ended up writing is not about that at all, but Hatari was definitely the initial inspiration. I didn’t abandon that idea entirely though. There is an important character in my book that does capture magical animals for the circus

    Fantascize.com: What do you want your readers to get from your story?

    Selby: I do want readers to feel they have taken a very entertaining and exciting journey. Mostly though, I hope readers connect to the main character. Michael Hawk has a very long and dangerous road ahead. He needs the help.

    For more information about Michael Hawk Adventures, check out:

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