• Featured Book: 'Spark' (Stories of Ghardar Book 1) by Arylias Nova

    Spark, the first book of the Stories of Ghardar series by Arylias Nova, is about an experimental company, Exodus, and their hunt for the people with supernatural abilities or Talents. One Talent imparticular, 4, has them especially interested. 4 has electrokinetic abilities that go beyond just being able to manipulate every day currents. Before they can conclude their tests he is stolen from them by Lashe, a man from the village of Ghardar. Bringing 4 back to their home will make Ghardar a new battle ground for Exodus.

    Nova says that her writing style was influenced by the poet Kelly Lacour, whose writings move in all directions and change styles, which helped her develop the different ways to express the characters in Stories of Ghardar. Nova's dreams of character ideas she liked inspired her to start writing Spark.

    Interview with Arylias Nova

    How do you portray the Talents' electrokinetic abilities and other powers?

    With the electrokinetic abilities, the main character is able to draw from outside electronic sources. His uniqueness is that he is able to push his power further by being able to manipulate the electric signals that occur naturally in our bodies.

    What do you think is the most fascinating element in the world of Ghandar?

    I think it would be the balance of off grid living with high end technology. Ghardar is set apart from large cities for the seclusion factor but also so that they run their own intelligence to find out what experiments Exodus is running and run interference if need be.

    How do you blend elements from both the elements of fantasy and science fiction in your book?

    Blending both genres comes together mainly with each Talent. The extent to which some Talents can use their ability teeters on that fine line of both realms.

    What is the most prevalent theme in the Stories of Ghandar trilogy?

    The most prevalent theme would be the psychology behind the experimentation with Talents. Exodus’ main focus is State of Consciousness experiments with the main character. With everything that has occurred, that theme runs the strongest through the series.

    Why do you think the main character is a challenge to write for you?

    He was a challenge to write because of the duality that occurs within himself and how to give his sides distinctive personalities. I also had to write in first person which was a whole new challenge.

    You mentioned that the main character's sister, Sura, is your gaming tag. Did games influence the themes of your books in any way?

    No, I use gaming as a time to let my brain relax and unwind which inevitably, for me, helps me to think of how to word an idea, form the chapters, new plot twists.

    Check out the official site:http://www.storiesofghardar.com

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