• Featured Novel: 'FreeFormed Hybrids' by Joe Vizanko

    Joe Vizanko's science fiction novel FreeFormed Hybrids explores a world where humans were built by creatures from another universe to experience emotions, but they become addicted and lose themselves in being human. These creatures have colonies of humans throughout our universe. The main colony is known as the homeworlds which is fallen into excessive addiction to sex and drugs, they are slowly dying. These colonies are being attacked by one of the humanoids we were built out of. Earth is contacted for help and the fate of our universe in unknown.

    Vizanko first started FreeFormed Hybrids as a short story, but soon started to develop it into a full-length novel. He was aiming to portray not just the scientific advancement of a society, but also the emotional and cultural advancements as well.

    Interview with Joe Vizanko

    How does the “Freeformed Hybrids” reflect real-life issues of our society?

    Emotions can be very strange, they can cause a lot of problems. Anger, fear, joy and hate. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by them usually irrational decisions are made. It has been said to never make a big decision when you are emotional. How many wars have been started due to fear of what an enemy might do? Now on the flip side it is emotions that make us human and can bring happiness to our lives. Joy, love and a good time are wonderful but you don’t want to take that to an extreme with drug use.

    What makes the Moard different from humans? Are they all considered evil?

    The Moard are the aggressive and emotionally unstable humanoids. You could say they have an “anger problem”. They are all not evil but the one’s in this part of the story are the bad guys. They actually play a larger role in the second book.
    How does the cover art reflect the context of your story?

    I love the cover, it was done by Ebook Cover Design @ www.ebooklaunch.com The two people floating next to a DNA molecule represents humans being genetically engineered almost a birth if you will. The stars and planets show outer space and the sun rising represents a new beginning. Plus it just looks cool.

    How do you portray the homeworlds in your novel?

    On the surface the homeworlds appear to be utopia. Very little work, plenty of free time and a “party” mentality for the majority of the population. Drug use is common and sexual freedom is the norm. Similar to the 1960’s free love era or the Woodstock music festival. But, there is a dark side. The homeworlds are completely dependent on machines which no one knows how to fix. The culture is stagnant and the will to better themselves is gone.

    What themes do you want your readers to grasp from reading your novel?

    I don’t want to preach to anyone but I tried to explore the human condition through my perspective, it is a scifi novel. The homeworlds are one extreme of “party all the time” and waste away your life. The Moard are angry and aggressive and cannot let go of the past. We all need to try and better ourselves or we end up living in the movie Ground Hog Day, the same thing over and over again.


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