• Featured Fantasy Artist: Kipsworld

    kipsworld art
    From the home of the greatest comic book convention, San Diego, CA, Kipsworld is an astonishing artist who can create wonders with his art. You'll find him in Comic Cons, showcasing his artworks, and collaborating with comic book writers and cosplay artists.

    This is Kipsworld's free-hand ink sketch of his friend: a female version of Magneto, "Ma'amneto" by Nicole Odinsdottr.

    He also works with his enchanting spokes-model known for her Lady Thor cosplay, Toni Darling. She has been an inspiration for his art. "She challenges me to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. We collaborate quite a bit on images I paint on her," says Kipsworld.

    Check out Kipsworld's tantalizing artwork portraying Toni Darling as an assassin:

    toni darling art kipsworld

    Kipsworld discovered his passion for art when he started painting in his college years. Inspired by the works of Boris, Royo, Brom, and David Clevanger, Kipsworld is artistically skillful with his hands; he paints from photographs many of which he had taken himself. Some people send him photos and he illustrates them magnificently by hand with paint, brush, ink, airbrush, sponge, and pencils. None of his works are done digitally. Studio Ghibli, the popular Japanese animation studio, should hire him right off the bat!


    As a busy "spider" with a web of clients who demand his artistic weave, he is planning to work on images for Jake Busey (Starship Troopers) and Cindy Morgan (original Tron). He is also going to be working on a series of comics with DOZD (Department of Zombie Defense), and they plan to release the project at Phoenix Comic Con in May 2013. He is also being considered for publication in a collaborative art book that will be released next spring.

    kipsworld art
    Words from Kipsworld about this photo: "This was the very first time I sketched something in someone's sketchbook. (@Phoenix CC). I started in pencil and finished it in ink. The joy on this young man's face is something I will never forget. I had made my mark along side other greats like Steven Rude and Bob Layton in his book."

    Here's an interview video from San Diego back in September 2012.
    Credits: Charles Thi (Video) and Sara Wilwerding (event coordinator):

    For more of Kipsworld, check out his website at http://www.kipsworld.org

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