• Featured Book: 'The Dragon Within' by Cindy Lyle

    Fantasy has been a huge part in Cindy Lyle's life, so when she was in high school, she decided that she would write her own book one day, but now as a mother working at home, it's tough to find time for her to unleash her passion, but with her undying determination to write a fantasy novel with dragons and other creatures, she was able to complete the first book of The Creation Chronicles: The Dragon Within.

    Karahís whole world is about to be turned upside down. She has grown up as the King and Queens adoptive daughter, but hidden in her subconscious mind, clues prove otherwise. In her world where only evil magic reigns and a tyrant bent on her death dogs her every step, Karah must discover who she really is. For you see not only is she something more than human, she has no memories of her true self. Friends and foes blur and she realizes she has to depend on herself. With the power of the Elements and creation itself, she learns what she must do, but in the end will it help save the people she loves, or help destroy the world they all share?
    Interview with Cindy Lyle

    Why do you find dragons fascinating? And how do you portray them in "The Dragon Within"?

    Dragons are amazing beautiful creatures. You can find dragons throughout history and in numerous cultures and each depiction is different. I find that very fascinating. A dragon represents many things to different people. Some feel they are creatures that need to be feared, others feel that they bring fortune and luck, but whatever your feelings towards dragons are you canít deny the sheer awe that they inspire. They are ferocious intelligent creatures sought after for their wisdom and treasures. They are the villains of fairy tales and the victims of myth. Whatever their truths are, believing in them makes them fascinating.

    In The Dragon Within, I gave my dragons the ability to shape shift into humans if they choose. It kept their secrets, and it also allowed them to rule the mortals as gods. They have the power to wield magic, whether it be the power of the elements or their ability to manipulate death and life energies. Their colours vary and I didnít use colour to portray their ďgood and evilĒ nature. They are highly emotional, even though most choose not to understand or accept their feelings. They cling to the emotions that give them power; greed, hate, pride and mistrust. They are the most powerful of the elements creations and the most dangerous.

    When you said that the dragons in Eiddoril are immortal, I got the impression that they're overpowered. Do they have a weakness?

    They are overpowered by their own doing. When it comes to writing fantasy, yes you can pretty much do what you want, but I think there always needs to be limitations or itís not believable. Even though what happens in your stories could not possibly exist, doesnít mean that all your characters should be invincible, itís just not right. You have to try and make your readers believe in your characters, to make them seem almost like them, even though they may be scaly and be able to breath fire. So yes my dragons are immortal, but it doesnít mean that they canít be destroyed. They have the ability to live forever, but only if they donít kill each other first. Dragons are arrogant, self-involved, and usually very violent. They very seldom get along with each other and their patterns of behavior are their limitations. Their ability to co-exist with themselves and the other creatures is almost impossible and leads to fighting and their deaths. The mortals are not strong enough to kill dragons own their own, but it is their believe and faith that gives them power over the dragons. Dragonsí lack of understanding emotions, not just their own but the mortals as well, is their weakness and it costs them much.

    How did you want your readers to perceive your heroine Karah?

    I want my readers to see Karah as someone much like themselves. She is a young female lost and scared, who has to find the strength in her soul to accomplish her goals. She has faults like everyone else. She makes mistakes that cost her dearly, but in the end it is her alone that can set things right, and it is something that she struggles to accept. She is stronger than she believes and her quest is just as much a journey to discover herself as it is to save her world.

    Tell us about the species that you tried to create.

    I kind of just mashed different things together and gave them a name, for instance the Ywari. They are a little elf and a little dwarf and a little something else. They are small like a dwarf but they are thin and muscular like elves. They have pointed ears large eyes and huge attitudes. Their hands and fingers conceal retractable barbs that they use for climbing and fighting and they are very much one with their environment. They can hide anywhere and you would never know they were there until it was too late.

    One of the enemies I created is the Litui. They are lizard like creatures able to fight on land and in the water. They have a large bulbous head and insect like eyes. They are average in height compared to a human but their arms drag almost to the ground and are tipped with large claws on webbed hands. Their skin is like armour and they are highly intelligent. They make excellent foot soldiers.

    Do you think being a mother, influences the themes of your story?

    Yes, in a way. Becoming a mother or parent changes your whole perspective on a lot of things. Itís not just about you anymore. Someone depends on you for survival and the pressures of that can sometimes be challenging. Whether itís a child or a whole kingdom, responsibility is a strong emotion. The Dragon Within is also about the power of creation and being parents and especially a mother brings you closer to that power. You try your best to make everyone happy but in reality someone will always get hurt; itís what you do after that makes a difference.

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