• Featured Book: 'Outview' by Brandt Legg

    Outview is the first book of the Inner Movement Trilogy by Brandt Legg. This Fantasy/Thriller series combines mystics, metaphysical magic, psychics and reincarnation in an ancient conspiracy. It tells the story of a teenager named Nathan Ryder, who lost his father when he was younger, and learns about an extraordinary power that he is ill-equipped to handle, and faces impossible choices while being pursued by powerful people – similar to the author's early life. Although Legg's trilogy is fictional, much of the story is allegorical to his real-life experiences. Its existential themes and autobiographical tone make Legg's series a meaningful fantasy adventure that readers would love.

    OUTVIEW Book Trailer:

    Interview with Brandt Legg

    What insightful truths do you portray in Outview and how do you present these themes in your novel?

    and the other two books in the Inner Movement trilogy (Outin and Outmove) deal with several themes – what is death? – overcoming fear – returning to one’s soul – etc. They are connected by the thread of what exists beyond our beliefs and how the unseen world is much larger than the world we know. The themes are developed as part of the protagonist’s experiences, in the form of lessons taught by the mystics, and his own insights, as he faces challenges throughout the story.

    What inspired you to write the Inner Movement Trilogy?

    I came late to writing. Starting in business at age ten, then as a teen in the 1980s, I made millions of dollars buying and selling collectibles, then real estate and finally businesses. The National media dubbed me the Teen Tycoon. But after the 1987 stock market crash and a series of mistakes, I served a year in federal prison at twenty-five for financial improprieties. After prison, I wanted to be a wrier but found myself penniless. During the twenty years since, I’ve been a nature photographer, magazine publisher, newspaper columnist, FM deejay, and GM of the world’s most powerful Solar Radio station. All that time, I wrote on and off, but it wasn’t until Mike Sager, a NY Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist for Esquire, signed me to his new indie publishing company, The Sager Group, in 2012, that it came together. Because I love fantasy, thrillers and anything about the unseen world, Outview was a natural first novel for me to write.

    What are the powers of the mystics in Outview? And why are they fun to write?

    The mystic’s teachings center around returning to one’s soul, which they espouse is the most powerful force in the universe, therefore the soul is capable of anything. Meaning, if you are connected to your soul, then all is possible. As Nate (the protagonist) makes that connection, his powers become limitless. And that is exciting to write because it really could happen

    Name some authors who have influenced your writing style.

    Tolkien, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy, Paulo Coelho

    Why do you think Fantasy novels are good mediums to reflect real-life issues?

    Like dreams, fantasy novels speak to us on a different level and can reflect life through metaphor and through story. We are able to address issues indirectly that we otherwise might avoid. They also allow us to explore the vastness of our imaginations and escape the binds of our mundane lives.

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    1. Lorraine Carey's Avatar
      Lorraine Carey -
      Brandt ’s Outview was probably one of the best spiritual paranormal novels I have come across in a long time. His knowledge of this genre blows me away! He is surely one author to watch as he is going all the way to the top!
    1. WoeJoy's Avatar
      WoeJoy -
      I wasn't sure I wanted to read Outview but after reading Brandt Legg's honest account of his life and trials has intrigued me enough to want to get this.

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