• Featured Novel: 'Legends of Amun Ra The Emerald Tablet' by Joshua Silverman

    Author Joshua Silverman melded his love for ancient civilizations with fantasy and science fiction to write The Emerald Tablet, the first of the seven-part Epic Fantasy series: Legend of Amun Ra.

    Interview with Joshua Silverman

    FANTASCIZE: How did you develop the world of your novel?

    SILVERMAN: The world is set on another planet I called Potara. The basic premises is: What if the ancient Egyptians and Greeks were allowed to develop naturally without being conquered or influenced by other cultures? They would essentially have the same religious beliefs, but their technology would be vastly improved.

    FANTASCIZE: What makes the world of Potara unique?

    SILVERMAN: Potara's history is inspired by mythology and Greek and Egyptian history. So their language is actually ancient doric Greek and ancient Egyptian. More of the language is in the other books of the series, for instance, book 3 gets into the ancient Egyptian magic, or heka. So we use Egyptian words, like heka, to talk about the words of power, or spells.

    Leoros vs. Osiris

    FANTASCIZE: You mentioned the genre is epic fantasy and science fiction: an uncommon mix. Share us your thoughts about these subgenres.

    SILVERMAN: Well I think we who grow up in the SFF world have this notion that you can either be SF or F. You can't be both. If you're fantasy, well, you're either paranormal, urban, epic, sword and sorcery, or mythology. There doesn't seem to be a lot of crossover. I wanted to break that barrier. I wanted to do a futuristic society which still had many religious elements of fantasy which are most of the foundations of magical systems. Energy. Why can't people of science believe in something bigger than them?

    FANTASCIZE: Tell us about an interesting character or group of characters in your novel.

    SILVERMAN: The Amun Priests are gifted individuals. They wield the energies of the universe almost like magic or a force of will by combining faith, magic, science, and emotion into a power source.

    FANTASCIZE: The Priests are interesting, yet they seem overpowered. Did you have to set limitations for power or magic in your story?

    SILVERMAN: The Priests rely on mental focus to be able to use their powers. Therefore, they are limited by their own imagination, but also the incredible discipline and work it takes to maintain a high degree of focus for a given period of time. The Emerald Tablet goes into the training of the Priests, but also, their limitation

    FANTASCIZE: It sounds like there's rich mythology embedded in your story. What made you become interested in this particular subject? Did you have to do a lot of research?

    SILVERMAN: I've always been an amateur historian. My father got me into reading Greek and Roman history, but the last few years I started studying Egyptian history on my own. I did tons of research, reading over 100 books on Egyptian history, religion, mythology, society - everything I could get my hands on. This year alone, I've read 12 books so far on ancient Egypt. I'm always doing more research for the series, even as I write it.

    Leoros & Atlantia

    What's the most challenging part of writing this book?

    SILVERMAN:Writing a series, particularly an epic 7 book series, is a massive logistical challenge. There is one main story-line, but there are always several subplots going on in each novel that I have to keep straight.

    FANTASCIZE: The writing process sounds overwhelming. How did you plot this novel of this scale?

    SILVERMAN: I have a spreadsheet where I chronicle major events throughout the series. The spreadsheet doesn't give scene by scene descriptions, but it is more general, along the lines of "Book 4 XYZ happens." Most of it is just trying to keep accurate tracking of events and sub-plots. It's an administrative burden.

    For more of The Legend of Amun Ra, visit http://www.legendsofamunra.com/

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