• Featured Novel: 'SecretAgentMan' by Richard Saunders

    "An epic high-concept masterwork; scientifically designed to become the bestselling novel of all time. Follow the "Journey" to S-A-M...."

    : This bold statement is made in the Kickstarter page for Richard Saunders's novel in-progress: SecretAgentMan. He also says that his ambitious project resembles Dan Brown's works (Angels and Demons, The Da-Vinci Code). Over decades of research and development, SecretAgentMan sounds like a promising work that could potentially become a worldwide literary sensation.

    Journey- A short story that leads to SecretAgentMan

    SecretAgentMan is a fictional biography of Lawrence R. Howard --A reincarnation of Albert Einstein.

    Here's the premise for SecretAgentMan:

    In ancient times, forces of evil gathered from distant corners of the universe, united in their quest to achieve a common goal.

    From this unholy alliance emerged the plan to launch a full-scale assault for control of the planet Earth, one of only a handful of true gems in the entire universe.

    God, in her infinite wisdom, anointed one spirit to lead the defense, sending the chosen one on a journey of seemingly endless incarnations. In each lifetime he will acquire a small portion of the strength, knowledge and wisdom that he will need to repel the invading storm.

    Some say there are signs the assault is near; whisperers claim that the defender, an ordinary mortal, walks among us.

    Author- Richard Saunders

    Interview with Mykl Walsh
    (Vice President of AnEx Publications)

    FANTASCIZE: What inspired Saunders to write this book?

    WALSH: Dreams, nightmares, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a love of reading all conspired in an intoxicating mix to compel the author to embark on this path. The day he realized that he was born 10 months after Einstein’s death was the spark that lit this inferno.

    FANTASCIZE: Tell us about Saunders's experience on researching about Einstein or history for this novel?

    Saunders became fascinated with Einstein from early childhood (around third grade). History and science were his favorite subject in school - the blurb / array titled "Facts, Stranger Than Fiction?" shows that Saunders eventually discovered that he shared some coincidental with Einstein - approximately same height and weight, same geographical location, same Astrological sign and the same (fairly rare) Myers / Briggs personality profile type (INTP) - so of course, his protagonist would also share these attribute.

    FANTASCIZE: Is there a difference in this alternate universe?

    WALSH: It's described as "An Earth- like planet in a closely aligned parallel universe" - so the differences are very slight, almost imperceptible - there is a question of the supernatural aspects - and one could argue that they are as present here in real-life as they are in the fiction. It all depends if the reader believes in the supernatural or not - it definitely exists in the fiction/fantasy world and "maybe" it exists in our world.

    FANTASCIZE: What is it about Einstein that fascinates the author?

    WALSH: The fact that he is widely regarded as the most intelligent human that ever existed and is the poster child for "genius".

    It was Einstein's miracle year (The Annus Mirabilis) that really struck Saunders most dramatically - the fact that a lowly patent clerk, unknown in the Physics community could come out of nowhere and shock the world with breakthroughs that were decades ahead of their time.

    Saunders was surprised that he could grasp, at least on a conceptual level, (while he was still in middle school) many aspects of special and general relativity that most adults could not and wouldn't even attempt to understand.

    FANTASCIZE: Tell us about an interesting character or group of characters from the novel.

    WALSH: The protagonist thoroughly dominates the novel. The author’s interactions and entanglements in real life situations with famous and non famous individuals who are then folded into fictionalized characters in the novel makes the work much more interesting than standard fiction.

    FANTASCIZE: What other works of fiction have influenced the creation of this project?

    WALSH: It was certainly influenced, at least subconsciously, by the entire body of fiction that the author has consumed. The fictional characters of John Drake and James Bond were major influences. It was also directly influenced to a great degree (during the author’s adolescence) by three non-fiction characters:

    1. Harry Houdini in books and the movie starring Tony Curtis.

    2. Fred Demara, aka The Great Impostor from the book by Robert Crichton and the movie starring Tony Curtis.

    3. And of course Albert Einstein: from numerous articles and biographies with Einstein: A Life by Denis Brian being the most recent.

    The unique hook is that the author has “impersonated” his protagonist (and some other minor characters), in real-life situations over several decades. He does this in order to enhance his fiction and make it more interesting. He refers to his employment of this deliciously innovative tactic as “method writing”.

    Saunders’ encounters with the author Dan Brown and mogul Donald Trump are just two of dozens of examples of this; where he first wrote a fictional plot-line, acted it out in real-life, and then fictionalized the results. The extent to which he has succeeded in this complex and intellectually challenging arena is unprecedented in the history of literature.

    FANTASCIZE.COM What's the most challenging part of writing this novel?

    WALSH: Keeping the project an almost total secret for several decades was a major challenge. Although his close friends and relatives saw glimpses of what he was doing, no one except for Mykl Walsh knew the full extent of what he has been up to for all of these years – until now.

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