• Featured Sci-Fi Book Series: 'Star Force'

    Star Force by Aer-ki Jyr, is an epic military science fiction saga written in 100 novella-length episodes. The entire series is equivalent to about 25 to 30 novels. Set in an expansive ancient colony world of alien dinosaurs who are coming back to kill. Sounds exciting!

    Aer-ki Jyr has a great vision for this series: He wants to provide the basic for a new science fiction franchise as expansive as Halo or Mass Effect.
    The series is essentially establishing the backstory for what he hopes to be a movie, a video-game, and novel expansions.

    Interview with Aer-ki Jyr

    Fantascize: Tell us about the setting of your novel

    Aer-ki Jyr:
    Star Force begins in near future Earth, then expands both down the timeline and out into the Solar System, then off into the galaxy encountering other races and broadening the Star Force universe from the Humans' point of view. As they grow and expand out into space, the setting grows with them.

    Fantascize: Alien race of dinosaurs? Tell us more about these creatures you created.

    Aer-ki Jyr: The V'kit'no'sat are a conglomeration of dozens of dinosaur races. Easiest way to explain it is like the Covenant in Halo. Multiple races serving different functions within one society. They are lethally intelligent, fanatical, and so technologically advanced that Earth will never be able to catch up. They are the dominant power, and the only way to survive them is to avoid drawing their attention. With Earth having been a former colony world, it's only a matter of time before they return to claim what was once theirs...both the planet and the slaves inhabiting it.

    Fantascize: What themes are portrayed in your novel?

    Aer-ki Jyr: Oh boy, there's so much in there that I can't do it justice with a short answer. Biggest thing I can point out is the realism. Everything happens for a reason and everything makes sense, even if the reader doesn't see it immediately. I HATE plot-holes, so I through a lot of detail into the series. Next biggest thing I would say would be the ethics/morality, which I would describe as 'unapologetic good guys.' So many 'heroes' nowadays are written as more 'human,' but what they really mean is they've watered them down and, in some cases, corrupted them. Essentially killing off and redefining what a 'hero' is. In Star Force the heroes are pure and won't tolerate notions to the contrary. They also have a set of ethics that aren't the cookie-cutter variety. Oh yeah, and they really love cookies. Sugary foods are definitely a sub trend (no, I'm not kidding).

    Fantascize: Name some authors who have influenced your writings

    Aer-ki Jyr: Micheal A. Stackpole and Timothy Zahn. Reading their Star Wars novels essentially taught me how to write, given that I, for some reason, gravitated towards their writing styles over others. I think it has to do with their attention to detail and balance. Some authors write from inside a character, and those two kind of take a step back and write as a narrator, giving their stories a broader scope.

    Fantascize: What's the most challenging part of writing this novel?

    Aer-ki Jyr: I've gotten in the habit of publishing a new episode every 2 weeks, and the readers now expect that. Squeasing creativity into a schedule is almost an oxymoron, but somehow I'm managing it.

    Fantascize: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

    Aer-ki Jyr: Remember one simple rule: 'The best fiction is based in reality.' By that I mean that the more things that make 'sense' the better the storyline will be. Have everything worked out in your head, then choose which details to write into the story. Don't throw out random details without making sure they all interconnect first.


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