• "Night Light": A Dresden Files Fan Film That's Coming

    Good news for the Dresden Files fans: A fan film based on the Urban Fantasy series by Jim Butcher, is coming this September. And it's being produced by Bill Teel's Tower of Turtles Production.

    The title even follows the same format as the author's books: "Night Light", and judging from the trailer, it already looks more legit than the shameful TV series from the Sci-Fi channel. "We made it our primary point to stick so close to book canon that we could plausibly be mistaken for actual canon," says Suzanne Solomon, the scriptwriter and the actress who's playing Murphy. The film's story takes place between the events of Proven Guilty and White Night (Books 8 and 9).

    Watch this cool trailer with Evanescence's music:

    And here's the plot summary of Night Light:

    When some of Chicago's minor magical talents become the targets of abuse, the police chalk it up to isolated incidents of self-inflicted harm. But Chicago's only professional wizard cannot, even though he's off the books for this one. Then it starts to look serial, and Harry won't wait for someone to die in order to declare this his case. He's planning a solid pre-emptive strike against whomever or whatever is stalking the city's most vulnerable practitioners. But the clues are leading him astray, and the truth is somewhere he never wanted to look.
    Here are some screenshots from Night Light:

    The cast of Night Light:

    WRITER/PRODUCER: Suzanne Solomon
    CAST COORDINATOR: Rachael Dawson

    HARRY DRESDEN - Landon Solomon
    MOLLY CARPENTER - Rachael Dawson
    SGT. KARRIN MURPHY - Suzanne Solomon
    THOMAS RAITH - Adrian Godinez
    BOB THE SKULL - Chris Uhl
    CODY SORENSEN - Peter Williams
    ROBERT EVERETT - Matt Rhodes
    (SURPRISE CANON CHARACTER) - Jedidiah Esparza
    (SURPRISE CANON CHARACTER) - Catherine Chambers
    DET. JOHN DONOVAN - Greg Wirt
    BONNIE LAROSE - Joanne Fabrick
    EMILY EVERETT - Alexa Teel
    STUDENT #1 - Dakoda Taylor
    STUDENT #2 - Heidi Crane
    EMT #1 - Miranda Vahle
    EMT #2 - Matt Carson
    And here's a photo of Jim Butcher showing love for this project:

    For more of Night Light, check out these links:

    Night Light Facebook page-
    Night Light Tumblr page- WolfTracksWizard.tumblr.com
    Tower of Turtles Production- http://www.towerofturtles.org

    What do you think about Night Light? Share your thoughts in the comment box below:

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