• Doctor Who: Journey to the center of the Tardis

    For me at least, it seems like it would be common sense to trust anytime traveling friends you have. Maybe they know something you don’t. If you lack the faith in your friend from the future telling you to avoid Florida this summer and that you can’t know why perhaps you both need to invest in new friends. And perhaps, when you barely survival the tidal wave that crushed your hotel some trust will have formed, along with the leeway to keep even bigger secrets.

    In their own way writers pull the same trick when they hold back anything from the audience, fiercely inviting judgment by obfuscating the situation until the moment comes when we see things from their perspective and know if there is a tidal wave in our path or drizzle.

    While the character was front loaded with promising (although with the threat of MPDG-ness) episodes, the Doctor/Clara dynamic has fizzled out into well … not strong enough to carry a television show on its own levels of bland, save for the secret we know he’s been keeping for her. So thank the starts they’re doing an episode that let that Chekov gun go off, even if it reversed things in the end.

    “Journey to the center of the Tardis” is fueled by lies secrets and half-truths to the extent that moral high ground can be measured in how noble your secrets are. The Doctor’s lies save Clara and protect her and the salvage morons from themselves. The salvage morons lie so they can strip metal from a spaceship crawling with monsters that will self-destruct in thirty minutes for all they know. Clara demands the truth, but when we hear the truth is that the monsters are mutant future versions of everyone on board, it’s clear the truth was the last thing anyone needed right then. I guess that makes her neutral good.

    It’s also the perfect lead into the moment I’ve been waiting to happen since modern Clara was introduced: the Doctor, completely unhinged confronting Clara about their encounters in Victorian London, and the Dalek asylum, she’s overwhelmed by it, and it gets erased from history five minutes later. But the next episode is taking us back to Victorian London where this will definitely come back again. Something about just watching the most epic bottle episode I’d seen all year, and remembering the last two finales gives me faith it’ll be worth it in the end, even when the episode brings up the Doctor’s name again. But I’m not one of those people that do not want to know that. I want to know, a lot, in due time. All I know now is that getting there will be a lot of fun to watch, and that's really all I ask.

    Score: 8/10

    Bonus Points

    - This episode does not disappoint on fan-service-o-rama. Did you spot the swimming pool, the library (that I guess is no longer in the swimming pool), the 7th Doctor’s umbrella, Amy’s toy Tardis, or a bunch of other stuff I’m somehow not nerdy enough to spot. What really don't make sense is the Time War history book. Obviously dangerous information like the Doctor's name (So that's who!) that has apparently just been out there for anyone to find. I guess no one from Rose until now ever bothered to explore the ship.
    - As much as I liked the old sets, this episode wouldn’t have worked in the steampunk/fairy tale aquatic steampunk versions of the set. It needed to be a spaceship here, so good call on that change. But I wonder if there is a deleted scene of someone stumbling on the old control rooms like in “The Doctor’s Wife.”
    - The “every week is a blockbuster” theme has not paid off this year, but please guys, keep doing the fake posters, like forever, that part is awesome.
    - Really could just one of the salvage morons been like “maybe stripping this ship right now isn’t in our best interests, it’s like … alive and stuff. Maybe we should just find the girl and salvage a non-crazy space ship. Just sayin’!”

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