• Cosplay Star: Constantine in Tokyo

    Constantine in Tokyo is a writer and costumer from Los Angeles, California.Constantine started wearing costumes in high school and learned how to sew from her fashion-educated mother. She studied Japanese language and history in college, then after graduating, she went to Japan where she worked as an English teacher for the JET Programme, and wrote blogs and film reviews. When she returned to the U.S., she began writing for Japancinema.net, where she naturally dominated its "Cosplay Corner", so her editor, Marcello, asked her, ďIf you like cosplay so much, why donít you do it!?Ē. And her passion for cosplay that she'd had for years, emerged from the surface like Godzilla: When she moved back to L.A. in 2012, she decided to start making her own costumes, photographing them, and sharing them online; A cosplay star was born! The response has been great, and she loved how cosplay has evolved into a wonderful subculture with many talented people. She regularly attends conventions, and she even launched a cosplay/convention website: Takopop.com. Check out her photos and her thoughts about each cosplay here:

    Lady Data Cosplay
    Photography by Jonathon D. Courtot, '
    Star Fleet dress by
    Vengeance Designs

    CONSTANTINE: I donít work with latex and this costume was commissioned from the insanely talented Kayla Lael of Vengeance Designs. I have a lot of good memories watching Star Trek TNG with my father and Data was hands down my favorite character; I love everything about him and (as some of my friends can attest) Iím a bit of a Star Trek nut. This costume is one of my favorites and Ė though some people donít enjoy the sexy take on the character Ė Iím really in love with this female, Ďsexyí version of Data. Itís such a fun costume Ė despite being a major pain to put on!
    Ms. Marvel/ Moonstone Cosplay
    Costume by Constantine In Tokyo
    Poster by Japan Cinema and me~!
    Photography by Jonathon D. Courtot

    CONSTANTINE: Ok Ė so itís pretty obvious that Iím obsessed with Marvel characters and I really was inspired by Sana Takedaís Ms. Marvel artwork to make BOTH costumes. I have a good friend who pilots WWII planes and I somehow managed to get access to a North American T-6 Texan AND a Japanese Zero for a photoshoot. Iím really into WWII history and I thought it would be really interesting to take some WWII-style pinup photographs with these planes and make some war bonds/recruitment posters with these superhero costumes. I plan to do more pin-up style superhero costumes/photoshoots in the future.

    Emma Frost Cosplay
    Costume by Constantine in Tokyo
    Photography by Gustavo Ramirez

    CONSTANTINE: Definitely one of my favorite Marvel characters Ė Emma is razor sharp, strong, and sexy. My editor Marcello suggested that I should cosplay her and after my initial reservations about wearing a costume thatís basically lingerie, I decided to do it! The entire costume is 100% made by me Ė PVC corset with steel boning, and a massive, fully-lined cloak with fur trim. I was definitely nervous the first time I wore it to a convention, but the response was amazing and I was happy to see there were so many other people who like Emma as much as I do!

    Here's a Youtube video of Constantine expoloring IKKiCON from C3Coverage:

    Silver Fox Cosplay
    Costume by Constantine In Tokyo
    Photography by Geri Kramer Photography

    CONSTANTINE: This is one of my most recent costumes and, while itís very simple and no one knows who Silver Fox is, I love it dearly. Silver Fox is a badass, lesser-known Marvel character with a pretty interesting place within the history of the X-Men and I really really love her character design. Plus, having an excuse to play around with big fake guns is always fun. I cosplay Marvel characters very frequently and will continue to make more Marvel costumes in the future Ė Marvel is basically proof that spandex is the manliest and most badass fabric in the universe!
    Cheetara Cosplay
    Costume by
    Constantine In Tokyo
    Photography by Cesar Vivid Photography

    CONSTANTINE: Cheetara has been on my list of Ďdream costumesí for years Ė I watched Thundercats on VHS tapes when I was young and really admired Cheetara; the wisest and most capable of all of the Thundercats. Cheetara isnít really very commonly cosplayed and I wanted to make sure I did her character justice (though Iím actually thinking of remaking this costume because my skills have improved, haha). Thundercats has a pretty devoted niche following and I was lucky enough to debut this costume at ThunderCon (a convention for Thundercats)Öand win the costume contest! I have a really strong love for Ďold-schoolí characters and I think Cheetara is one of the characters I have the strongest connection to from my childhood.

    Check out Constantine in Tokyo at:


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