• Skin Game - Book 15 of the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher

    The best-selling urban fantasy series by Jim Butcher is far from over. Cold Days was just released last year. (Read the review of Cold Days), and the author's official website jim-butcher.com, just announced that the title of the 15th novel of the Dresden Files series: "Skin Game". And here's the synopsis:

    It's a heist. Dresden has to participate. Everyone is planning to screw everyone else. But when and how?

    Rakony from Reddit tells us more about what Skin Game is about:

    Yeh Harry has to team up with Nicodemus to steal from Hades. Who appears to run some form of NeverNever bank and who has repurposed Daedalus' Labyrinth as his own security system. Also I heard that we see Anna Valmont, the surviving member of the Church Mice, again which should be interesting as Nick ordered the death of her colleagues/friends.
    It seems that Dresden is about to join a deadly game with high stakes. There's no cover art or release date yet, but I hope it comes out soon. I can't wait!

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