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    1. Ian Martyn's Avatar
      Ian Martyn -
      Sorry - I want to add a profile picture and can't see how to do it?


      Ian Martyn
    1. Jake Vyper's Avatar
      Jake Vyper -
      Click options
    1. Babara's Avatar
      Babara -
      Hi. I'd like to change my name! I mistakenly typed Babara instead of my actual name (Barbara) as my user name.
      Should I just delete the account (and if so, how do I do that) and re-register?
    1. writingqueen1's Avatar
      writingqueen1 -
      Hello, I'm sort of new and have a question. What can one do here to promote their own book?
    1. Sally Singles's Avatar
      Sally Singles -
      My friend Honor Raconteur said said her book was to be on here or her interview... I have sen neither. When will they be here?

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