• Featured Novel: "Freak of Nature" by Julia Crane

    Looking for a fresh sci-fi novel with a spice of romance? (I see a bunch of nods from there...) Then check out the new novel by Julia Crane: "Freak of Nature".

    The heroine is a seventeen-year-old cyborg who must hide her secret from the scientists who had dramatically changed her life. And her sidekick: A handsome scientist named Lucas, who is willing to help her rediscover her past. There's a Portal-esque feel to the novel's atmosphere --which makes it exciting. And this is just the first of the series that Crane is planning to write.

    Check out this interview with Julia Crane:

    Fantascize.com: What inspired you to write this novel?

    Crane: Freak of Nature is my first step into the Sci-Fi genre. I usually write young adult paranormal romance novels. I've always been fascinated with the concept of cyborgs. Technology and man merging. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I saw an image of a cyborg that my daughter was working on in photoshop, and the story started to form in my mind.

    I'm not sure I can say it has influenced my writing, but Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein is my favorite Sci-Fi

    Fantascize.com: Since you said that you had more experience writing young adult romance, did that influence your experience writing this sci-fi novel?

    Crane: I seem to related more with teenage angst. And I would have to say yes, because the main character in Freak of Nature believes she is seventeen years old at the start of the novel. Which got me into that mindset. And of course there is a physical attraction that seems to be the same no mater what genre you're writing.

    Fantascize.com: Did you have to do some research about cyborgs? Or any other sci-fi elements?

    Crane: I did have to do some research on cyborgs and sci-fi elements, but the most research went into Kaitlyn's training. I had to get help with handguns drills, and hand to hand combat. I've actually studied Krav Maga so I always tend to go that route when it comes to fight scenes. And my husband happens to be retired Green Beret so I am able to pick his brain on the tactical side. Which I didn't go into too much on this book, but book two will definitely have more action.

    Krav Maga - self-defense system

    Fantascize.com: The front cover of your novel looks cool. Tell us about that.

    Crane: It's my favorite cover to date. I was so impressed with the finished project from Eden Crane Design. I told Eden about the story and how Kaitlyn was part human and part robot, and she exceeded my expectations. In Freak of Nature, the mastermind behind the project wants it obvious that Kaitlyn is a cyborg. But he also wanted her to hide it away with clothing when needed. So instead of making everything skin toned, he decides to use teal. As you can see from the cover, it's quite beautiful.

    Fantascize.com: What advice would you give to aspiring young adult authors?

    Crane: Read a lot! People watch when you go out. Don't worry about the first draft; just get it down on paper and write everyday.

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