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05-29-2019, 05:28 PM
the other side says eyes so we have the eyeshadows this is so cool and then these detach this is so cool I have not went through this at all so t rosegal coupon codes (https://www.findanydeals.com/store/rosegal-coupons-and-promo-codes/)
his is all new to me like i said but then you open this up and it says face so you have the highlight and contour this is pretty cool especially when you're moving or traveling in general this is pretty compact and you have the little gloss right here this is awesome and this is so cute this is make such perfect gift for someone then we have this kitten liner and then we have this long way eyeshadow and dusk so looks like this so gorgeous and then we have this little bag that says I like long romantic walks to the makeup aisle hashtags you a girl this is so cute so definitely gonna be keeping this a

nd just the whole side is so key like I said is the perfect gift next we have this Jessie's Girl waterproof liquid eyeliner and this pure double ego dual-e rosegal discount codes (https://www.findanydeals.com/store/rosegal-coupons-and-promo-codes/)
nded eyeliner then we have this Elizabeth and James Nirvana for her blood Oh de parfum spray it's huge sizes I love them so much they will have this formula X cleanse prime nail color and shine top coat so this is the nail clubs or base coat nail color and then the top coat so you got this pretty red color which kind of goes with the lips it's a little bit deeper though but this is so cute a lot of these would be such perfect gifts I'll love these especially with the holidays coming up but I want to be selfish and try them all then we have this derma e purifying tune one charcoal mask which I have this in my bathroom right now I love this stuff if you follow me on snapchat obviously this mask all the time I'm a story this stuff is so good i had my faves and everything